Brief introduction

This article is about potassium polyacrylate (super absorbent polymer for plants) used in desert.

About Potassium Polyacrylate

Potassium polyacrylate, also called water retaining agent, can absorb/retain huge water for plants.

Just like a “mini-reservoir”, potassium polyacrylate can substantially increase the water holding capacity of soil.

Use it in desert

Desert may be the driest place in the world. Most plants would be die for lack of water.

There are three negative points limit the function of potassium polyacrylate:

  • The infiltration rate of sand soil is too fast to be absorb by potassium polyacrylate;
  • Strong ultraviolet ray would melt the potassium polyacrylate gel;
  • High temperature would reduce the lifetime of potassium polyacrylate.

So, does potassium polyacrylate work in desert?

The answer is yes if we adjust the usage method:

  • Let potassium polyacrylate fully absorb water (in drum or some vessel) before put into soil;
  • Deeply put potassium polyacrylate gel into soil more than 20 cm (to avoid the ultraviolet ray and high temperature);
  • Apply the improved potassium polyacrylate.

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