Traditional Water Absorbing Materials

Mention about the water absorbing material, you may think of many absorbing materials such as cotton, napkins, sponge, anhydrous calcium chloride, soda lime, allochroic silicagel or activated carbon.

But these materials can absorb only several or dozens of times its weight. And most of them will release the water under pressure. Is there a water absorbing material can absorb huge water ( liquid ) though under pressure?


Sodium Polyacrylate

Sodium Polyacrylate can absorb hundreds times its weight.After absorption, it will turn to water gel and this gel can lock water strongly under pressure.



High Absorption.

Sodium polyacrylate can absorb about 300-800 times its weight.This is the most difference between SOCO Polymer and other traditional absorption materials.

High Absorbent Rate.

It only takes several seconds to absorb all the water.Actually absorbent rate is a very important item for absorption material.

Strong Liquid Locking Ability.

As we mentioned earlier, it has strong liquid locking lability — that why it’s more and more popular used in diaper as absorbing material.

Non-toxic, Harmless.

This material is totally non-toxic and harmless. Actually,this new function material is already used in artificial vitreous and artificial skin.


Sodium polyacrylate is environmentally friendly and can be decomposed to water, carbon dioxide and ammonia.

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